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Programming, Editing, and Mixing

I specialize in working with home studio musicians and full time producers to make their tracks sound the best they possibly can. 




Virtual instruments have flooded the music industry in the past decade. There are not many songs on the top 40 list that do not incorporate virtual drums, synthesizers, orchestras, and other instruments. Not all songs call for it but when there needs to be an underlying layer of tension, support to a lead instrument, or acoustic drums need to be 100% replaced because of circumstances out of our control virtual instruments can be a life saver, and money saver in some circumstances. I provide a MIDI file for each instrument along with the stereo sound sample I was working with. Virtual drums you will receive the multi tracks from my drum sampler. Let me know what you have sonically invisioned for your project by filling out the form below.


Timing and performance sometimes isn't ideal during a recording session. Whether it is a drummer that did not practice to a click, a guitarist that rushes the beat, or a vocalist's doubles aren't as tight as you had in your head. When this happens editing can be the unsung hero for the final product being released. I provide attention to detail and quick editing so you do not have to worry about it and keep looking at the big picture as a producer. Drum edits also come with phase and velocity accurate MIDI notes for the shells for quick triggering and gating. Let me know if I can help you get your tracks tightened up on your production by filling out the form below.


Vocal tuning is the taboo conversation of the music industry. Artists do not like talking about using it, producers claim they should not have to use it, and some people have embraced it. If you have captured the emotion of what the singer is trying to express during the performance and only a couple notes are a little off why not keep the session moving and fix it, especially since pitch corrected vocals are the standard of how consumers hear their favorite artists. If you are looking for professional sounding and mix ready vocals on your songs by let know by filling out the form below.


After all the instruments and vocals have been recorded and cleaned up it is time to mix them together and bring your song to life. During this process I use EQ, compression, reverb, and other effects to make sure each instrument and voice can be heard. When necessary I will re amp DI guitars and sample reinforce drums in order to achieve the sonic landscape of the song you have in your head. I mix into a mastering chain so mastering is always included with my mixes. If you choose to use a separate mastering engineer the mix files will be provided along with my mastered versions. If you are ready to bring your music to the best sounding version it can let's chat by filling out the form below.



"Pharmacophobia" by Inept Hero - Produced - Edited - Mixed
00:00 / 00:00
"Into The Hate" by Interfate - Produced - Edited -Mixed - Mastered
00:00 / 00:00
"Alright" by Moment of Ruin - Produced - Edited - Mixed - Mastered
00:00 / 00:00
"Break The Sky" by Perfect Sense - Produced - Edited -Mixed - Mastered
00:00 / 00:00
About Me


Hey how's it going? My name is Ryan Kahl I began my audio production career in 2011 after finishing the Audio Production Program at Mesa Community College. My first full time audio job was mixing front of house live sound at Club Red in Tempe, AZ. While working for Club Red I worked with many local, national, and international acts while also producing, mixing, and mastering my friends’ bands on the side with a mobile recording setup. I even had the opportunity to go on tour around the United States mixing live sound for Authority Zero in late 2014

At the end of 2014, I stepped away from working for music venues, with the intention of helping and working for artists and bands get their music out to the world. I opened a studio with my friend from school, Mike Bowen, called B&K Sound Labs in Tempe, AZ. Since then, I has helped produce local artists’ records such as Jason DeVore, LB +The Brothers' Cosmos, Moment of Ruin, Perfect Sense, Interfate, Sluts These Days, and Inept Hero

Through the years I have developed a reputation of having an attention for detail and helping artists put out polished, punchy, and professional sounding productions. I looks forward to talking and helping you with releasing your music for what ever your end goal is whether its to give to a significant other or in order to continue growing your fan base and careers.

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